Raspberry Pi Zero Specs : We review your cool Creative Board..

Raspberry Pi Zero Specs Review

For fairly a while now, the Raspberry Pi Basis has enabled universities and hobbyists to create their very own computing tasks by creating their programmable laptop boards. Few days in the past, the corporate has unveiled their newest programmable computing board, the Raspberry Pi Zero which is able to value simply $5.

The Rarpberry Pi Zero has a Broadcom BCM2835 1GHz ARM 11 core CPU, 512MB of RAM, microSD card slot, mini-HDMI port which helps 1080p video at 60 frames per second, micro-USB port and a 40 pin GPIO header. With its tiny dimension of 65mm x 30mm, the Raspberry Pi Zero is smaller than a bank card.

❦ Raspberry Pi Zero Specs :

  • Processor : Broadcom BCM2835
  • 1GHz ARM11 Core
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Mini HDMI socket for 1080p60
  • Micro USB sockets
  • 40 Pin GPIO header
  • Pinout to Mannequin A+ | B+ | 2B
  • Composite video header


To maintain the prices down, the Raspberry Pi Zero doesn’t have a LAN port or WiFi module built-in.

You need to use the micro-USB port to attach a USB hub which may be linked to a variety of adapters corresponding to USB to LAN, WiFi dongle, keyboard, mouse and extra.

In accordance with the Raspberry Pi Basis, the Raspberry Pi Zero’s ARM CPU is 40% quicker than the unique Raspberry Pi 1 fashions, the A, A+, B and B+.

With specs like that the Raspberry Pi Zero is highly effective sufficient to run Raspbian, which is a model of Linux that has been specifically optimized for the Raspberry Pi. The Zero may run apps like Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Zero is already on sale all through the standard channels within the US and the UK however the Raspberry Pi Basis stated that we are able to anticipate the Zero to be sold-out on some retailers because of the excessive demand.

You may as well get the Raspberry Pi Zero totally free with the brand new concern of the MagPi journal.

Raspberry Pi Zero
Buy Now : $21.99 $15.42
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  1. Dear Author,
    I have question is Raspberry pi zero/0 is good for PC. Can I replace with windows pc. I want to purchase lot of budget pc. So, what I do ? Please advice..

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